SharePoint Migrator

SharePoint Migrator Tool

  • Capable to move SharePoint Database to same / other SharePoint Database
  • Option to migrate from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online
  • Facilitate to transfer SharePoint 365 data to SharePoint Database
  • Provides an option to migrate SharePoint 365 data to SharePoint 365
  • Migrate sites, document library, subsites, & list between the SharePoint
  • Renders date-based filter option to perform date specific data migration
  • Provides user mailbox mapping option to move data from source to destination
  • Support incremental type of migration from SharePoint to SharePoint Online
  • It is necessary to have SharePoint Server on the local machine for migration
  • Compatible with all versions i.e. SharePoint Online & On-Premises.

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Easy Way to Migrate On-Premise & On-Site Database

Perform SharePoint to SharePoint Migration

With the help of this SharePoint Migrator tool, a user can move data from SharePoint 2010, 2007, 2003 to SharePoint 2016, 2013 i.e., either in a same or another database. In order to perform this migration, one needs to enter credentials for both first. In addition, it also transfers sites, document libraries, subsites, and list from one SharePoint to another. The tool will preview the list of all mailboxes from both the databases i.e., source and destination on a single screen.

Migrate SharePoint to SharePoint Online

In order to move data from SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online, one can easily use this software. As a user select this option, the software will map the mailboxes and switch it from SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 to SharePoint 365. One needs to provide the SharePoint credentials in the source end and Office 365 credentials at destination end. After that, the tool will display all files or folders stored inside these two on a single screen.

Move SharePoint Online Email to SharePoint

Another major benefit offered by this SharePoint to SharePoint migration tool is that it also permits users to switch accounts from SharePoint Online to SharePoint. Here also the procedure is same, enter the credentials of Office 365 account at the source end and SharePoint login details at the destination end. This application will simply list all mailboxes available in it. However, a user can perform mapping in order to migrate data from source to destination.

SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration

If a user wants to migrate from SharePoint 365 to SharePoint Online, then it can be done with the help of this software. A user needs to choose this option in order to select Office 365 at both source and destination end to perform SharePoint migration. Similar to above, just enter login credentials of both source and destination Office 365 accounts. Once logged in successfully, the application will list all items available in Office 365 account.

Option to Apply Date-based Filter

This SharePoint Migration software provides users an option to migrate selective data from source to destination. The date-based filter option offered by the tool permit users to migrate data from a specific date range during Office 365 to SharePoint migration. Moreover, the software is capable to preserve all option also to retain folder structure after migration. To avail this service, one needs to check the Maintain Folder hierarchy option.

Supports Incremental Type of Migration

Another impressive feature offered by this SharePoint to SharePoint Migration tool is that it supports incremental migration. It means that once a user has migrated all content from SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint 365, then in the next attempt it moves only new and modified data from the last migration. This option helps users in preventing duplicate data in the destination.

Option to Perform User Mapping

During SharePoint to On-premise SharePoint or any other migration, a user needs to move permissions or other data items also such as notes, task, contacts, etc., from source to destination. In order to achieve this, one has to create a CSV file that includes all mapping details of source and destination mailboxes. This user mapping option will help users in creating a CSV file that is required during migration process for easy mapping. Moreover, It will retain the version and file types also during migration.

Generate Migration Report

As the SharePoint to SharePoint Online migration process begins, the software will display the real-time export report. A user can view all conversion details in 3 different tabs. The first tab will show the pending mailboxes for migration, the second tab will list the currently uploading mailboxes, and the third tab will display the completely migrated mailboxes.

SharePoint Migration Tool Specification

What Free version of SharePoint to SharePoint Migrator Do?

The free / demo version of SharePoint Migrator software moves 50 site items duting SharePoint migration process.

Free Download
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System Specification

System Specifications

Steps to Migrate from SharePoint to SharePoint Using SharePoint Tool

First of all, download and install SharePoint Migrator tool. Then, launch the application on the local machine

After that, click on the Connect button in the left panel to connect with Source

Then, in the Enter the URL field, enter the SharePoint URL and click on the Login button

Now, click on the Connect button in the right panel to connect with Destination

Here, you have to enter destination credentials i.e., URL, username and password. Then, click on the Login button

A complete preview of Source and Destination content i.e., Document, Sites, List, Library folder is displayed in the tree structure form here

Now, to migrate data, you need to right-click on the source module in the left panel and click on the Copy button

After that, go to right panel i.e., in destination pane. Simply, right-click on the destination module and choose Paste option

At last, click on the Start button and begin the SharePoint to SharePoint migration process

A Progress Status report will be displayed in front of you containing all details like Job Status, number of files, pending, current upload, completed, etc.

Watch How to Perform SharePoint Migration

Screenshots of Office 365 Exporter Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can follow the below mentioned steps to migrate On-Premise SharePoint data to On-Site / Online on the Server:

  • Run & Install SharePoint Migrator Software
  • Select User Mapping option
  • Enter Source & Destination Password
  • Click on Connect Button
  • Enter the Source URL
  • Now, for the destination, click Connect Button
  • Enter the Destination URL
  • Perform Copy & Paste from Source to Destination
Question: “I have recently migrate SharePoint online to SharePoint online. Now, I have made some changes in the old data and added some new data, which I also want to move to Office 365 same destination account as before. So, I just want to know, does the software export whole data again or the modified or new one only?”

Solution: Yes, the software provides an incremental migration option that let users transfer only new data to Office 365 account since the last migration.

Question: “I am using SharePoint 2013 and want to switch to Exchange Online. I do not know whether it is possible with the help of this software or not. Can you give me some idea about the same?”

Solution: Yes, this software is compatible with all versions of SharePoint i.e., 2016, 2013, and below versions. So, it is very easy for a user to move SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online using this application.

Question: “If I move data from my SharePoint 365 account to SharePoint, then will this software maintain the folder hierarchy in SharePoint also? Or I have to rearrange it afterward by myself?”

Solution: Yes, this SharePoint Migrator software provides an option to retain folder hierarchy. If you want, then check Maintain Folder Hierarchy option before starting the migration process.

Solution: Yes, a user must have SharePoint Server present on the machine before beginning the migration task.

Question: I have Office 365 mailbox data above 100 GB. I have enabled In-place Archiving, now there are 2 mailbox, one is user's main mailbox and other is archive mailbox. So, I want to know that can I export archive O365 mailbox to PST format?

Solution: Yes, you can export Office 365 online archive to PST as well as EML and MSG file format in same hierarchy as it is available in Office 365 User or admin account.